Friday, August 2, 2013

First Aid n 1. (Medicine)
a.  immediate emergency care or treatment given to an ill or injured person before regular medical aid can be obtained.
Today we have a long requested kit for something medical related that people could use for their photos about sickness and health,  and even the little bumps and bruises we all experience at one time or another.
This new kit, Bumps & Bruises, is filled with all sorts of medical related embellishments, papers and lots of extras to help you scrap those not so healthy moments in life. You can grab the new kit along with a free mini kit here. Enjoy!


Crystalnva said...

What an awesome kit THANK YOU ;~} for the mini ..

Kelley said...

This is a perfect kit for me! I've been doing a lot of stupid things lately and using a lot of first aid supplies. Thank you.