Friday, May 2, 2014

Lilac Cottage Collection &Free Mini Kit

I am thinking of the lilac-trees, that shook their purple plumes, and when the sash was open, shed fragrance through the room. ~ Mrs. Anna S. Stephens—The Old Apple-Tree.

Today we have a new kit with a lilac theme, filled with all things lilac in shades of purple and pinks. You can almost smell the lilacs just by looking at it. Lilac Cottage has so many beautiful parts to this collection and best of all a free mini kit to match. Grab the new Lilac Cottage collection here along with the free mini kit.


Melanie said...

oh - this is gorgeous! I grew up with several large lilacs in the yard and love that smell. Thank you for your generosity! Hugs and TGIF. and p.s. - love the pics of your new little gorgeous happy girl

patchas said...

I love these colors. Thank you so much for all the goodies -- today and every day.

NathL said...

oh yes I love lilac!
thank you for this beautifull collection :)