Monday, September 14, 2015

Freebies And More Freebies

RRD fans might think it's Christmas or something with all the goodies we have for you today. So first we'll start the week off with the first of Ellen's wonderful clusters from the Celebrate Life collection. You can download cluster here.
Now we are taking a walk over to the Raspberry Road CT Blog for some boo-tiful card inspiration just in time for Halloween from one of the best card makers in the business Cherri. This Halloween card is so adorable, she really outdone herself on this card. Love it.
Next we have some inspiration and a couple of freebies from Lana. She used the Celebrate Life collection for her gorgeous QP AND cluster freebies. That's right - two more freebies! Thanks Lana.
Not done yet... Bre has some Christmas goodies for you as well. She's got gorgeous new set of QP's in the store and she has a beautiful QP freebie (that's four freebies for those who are counting). Bre is the best!!!
 Make sure you follow the team blog so you never miss any of the goodies the girls share. Thanks.


Lana said...

Thank you.

Janet Kay said...

Gorgeous card, I love it! Could you make a version that would fit in a flat envelope?

Cherry's Jubilee said...

Hi Janet...I am sure you could just by not using such large bows....I just always have such big bows rofl

Tia Otto said...

I absolutely love the celebrate life clusters and Halloween card! Thanks for the inspiration!