New Collection & Freebie

“One day, in retrospect, the years of struggle will strike you as the most beautiful.” -Sigmund Freud

Lately I find myself drawn to all these beautiful succulent plants and the simple beauty they provide. Just go to Pinterest you will find endless inspiration for these carefree little beauties.
I was so inspired that I created a whole collection around them. Simply Beautiful is filled with the sweetest of sentiments, beautiful succulents, gorgeous papers, and all the extras needed to create beauty in your scrapbook world. Yo can grab the new collection and free mini kit here.
“I swiftly discovered that there are few things in DIY (and possibly life) that can't be solved with a large mallet, a bag of ten-centimetre nails and some swearing.” ― Monty Halls

Good Morning! Today I have a new collection, Sweat Equity, in honor of Father's Day and all those do-it-yourselfers. Sweat Equity is all about those people who love DIY projects, maybe some of you are doing a home renovation project, or maybe just the tinkerer who likes building things. Something for the handyman or woman.
You can grab this new collection along with a free mini kit here. Enjoy! 

Amazing Grace Freebies

Cluster Freebie by CT Ellen
Cluster Freebie by CT Lana
QP Freebie by CT Lana
Good Morning! It's been a while since my last post and so I wanted to make sure and get out the last of the Amazing Grace freebies before the new collection comes out. We have another fantastic cluster freebie from Ellen that you can download here and we have a beautiful cluster freebie and coordinating QP freebie from Lana that you can grab here and here. Thanks ladies!

Amazing Grace Freebies

Good Morning! Today I have two amazing cluster freebies for you from the team. Lana has this beautiful cluster freebie for you to download here and Ellen has a gorgeous freebie  cluster here. Thanks ladies for the amazing freebies from the Amazing Grace collection.
Note: Server to the store is down temporary but should be back up very soon!