Apple Pie Collection & Freebie

Good apple pies are a considerable part of our domestic happiness. ~Jane Austen
The pie should be eaten "while it is yet florescent, white or creamy yellow, with the merest drip of candied juice along the edges, (as if the flavor were so good to itself that its own lips watered!) of a mild and modest warmth, the sugar suggesting jelly, yet not jellied, the morsels of apple neither dissolved nor yet in original substance, but hanging as it were in a trance between the spirit and the flesh of applehood...then, O blessed man, favored by all the divinities! eat, give thanks, and go forth, 'in apple-pie order!'"

Apple Pie Freebie
Hello! Susan here with my new collection Apple Pie. This was a request kit and since it's apple season what better time and who doesn't love a good apple pie?!
You can grab this new collection and all the sweet coordinating goodie here. Enjoy!