Ice Cream Social Layout

I've never been much of an 'ice cream girl". It seems almost blasphemous to say, but being allergic to milk made it a bit rough on me to eat it, despite the yumminess of the creamy, sweet dessert.


The best thing about being a parent is getting a "do-over' with your kids. Right? Right, lol. Things like cotton candy and ice cream are suddenly an option again! And once they're an option, you see them EVERYWHERE. Like ice cream trucks- in the middle of the night?!?

I couldn't get a nighttime photo of our local ice cream truck, but man, do they come out later than I remember. I loved capturing it with Raspberry Road's adorable kit, Ice Cream Social.

There are so many beautiful things in here; I want to use it for all sort of layouts.

 (everything but alpha included by Susan)

Check it out HERE.

Hope your summer's been a great one!


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I am so in love with this page. You have a way of capturing the best possible things about my designs. Perfection!