New Collection & Free Mini Kit

When the twilight comes down on all Halloween then we fly on the wings of the night. Over land, through the streets, in each home we are seen, and are known everywhere by our light! For our eyes are like stars and our noses aglow, with the candles that make us so bright and our mouths are so jagged none can but know we are Jack-o’-Lanterns all right!

Hello! Susan here with my new Halloween themed collection Heebie Jeebies. This kit is straight up traditional Halloween style kit. Sometimes a classic is the best when it comes to Halloween.
This kit is mega and comes with everything you need to complete endless projects and it's designed to coordinate with several of my past collections so you can mix and match to your hearts content. Oh! Several of my past Halloween themed kits are 50% off for the next few days. Spook-tacular!
You can grab the new Heebie Jeebies collection and the free mini kit here!