Silver and gold...Silver and gold...Mean so much more when I see silver and gold decorations on ev'ry Christmas tree. ~Burt Ives in Rudolph, The Red Nosed Reindeer.
What's a Christmas tree without tinsel and pretty silver and gold decorations? Can't really call it a Christmas tree, now can you? And think of all the fun and joy that would be lost on Christmas morning if all the young folks didn't get to see that sparkling, happy tree.

Hello! Hope the holiday season isn't getting to be to much already. I love this season but I find that I'm stressed more than usual when I should be enjoying all the beautiful decorations, sparkling trees and all the classic Christmas music like Burl Ives Silver & Gold.
I have to remind myself how blessed I am and to keep good will in my heart during the season.
Silver & Gold is my newest collection and comes filled with all the gorgeous shimmering goodies you need for all your holiday creations. You can grab the new collection and free mini kit here. Enjoy!

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Claudia van Schie said...

Almost the end of the year…how quickly time goes by….

I’ve been following your blog for years, I love your digital art and the freebies you share! Thank you for sharing them.
This year our two parakeets Blue (father) and Yoki (mother) had eggs for the first time and now have two cute babies. We call them Twinky and Tweety. It really is a miracle. I’ve scrapped almost two pages about their development and growth from egg till now, as you can see on our blog (
December is a busy month with all the fantastic blogtrains, adventcalendars and christmas freebies. I have a page on Pinterest (with sections) where I collect all the beautiful freebies in digiland. I’ve made a special section with Advent/Christmas freebies this year.

I wish you (and your family) a Merry Christmas and a Happy scrapping/designing New Year.

Love from Holland,